*IF* –> “Hero” -

This is a tribute to hackers all around the world, without whom we would all have a microphone plugged in our butts by now...
Of course when you have to mention heroes, you think fire fighters, hospital workers, etc. But hackers are essentials to allow us "mortals" to resist huge corporations and governments alike that all want to spy on us.


"Unlock your life" would make an awesome slogan and it should be put on shirts as well as hats!!

Lovely art ^^

Also: I never tried Haiku. Is it good? o:


Thank you ! :)
Yep, I've thought about hats or shirts, but that would defeat the purpose.
I guess that's better if people do it themselves and write on hats or shirts.

Regarding Haiku, if you have an old computer (I mean, even really old like 15-20 years), it runs incredibly well on it ! That's very "zen", nothing redundant in the gui but that's really stable (at least what I've tried).

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