Once upon a time, there was a TV show called "misfits of science", and this one was my fav character, because he was the coolest one ;) (and he was able run veeeery fast, way faster than the 6 million dollar man actually :D

Inktober Day 18 - Misfit

@Gynux Johnny the rocker. He couldn't touch water because it shorted him out.

Wow, I had completely forgotten about that !! Of course there's always a weakness that comes with powers. If I remember well, he got his while playing his guitar. That's way more cool than being expose to gamma rays 😁

@Gynux my favorite was the secretary, because she got all the best one liners. The invisible man's x-rays came back black but we're not sure he was standing in the right spot.

@Gynux I also think to it (but it’s not my choice for the theme as I do a comics) and discover that most actors has died very young or has been left disabled after an accident:/

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