.:: The Great Escape ::.

Good day Mastodon !
Imagine you could do that ! Where would you go ? to a distant land ? On another planet maybe ? ;)
Mastodon artists, how about ?

Disclaimer :
Even if this is creatively stimulating, I do not encourage you kids to do that on your walls without your parents approval :)
- -
:: Better res on website ::

@Gynux Ohh, you've read my short story where this is the theme?

Hm, it's in german and really sad so I don't think so.


@UmWerker Yep, even if I'm supposed to have learned German while at school a looong time ago, unfortunately there's almost nothing left of it in my brain... I wish I could have the time to learn it properly but there's already a shitload of things on the bucket list ;)
Do you think it could be readable through an automatic translator or it will make a mess ?

@Gynux Same with me and English ;-) Preventive I never made such a list :D

I think automatic translations can not transport the sense behind the words, but you can try … oh no, you've no time ;o)

This is really sad indeed... but also a bit less sad if we consider Julianka's point of view. After all, there are worst things than being "stuck" on a tropical island :)
I think that I have understood the overall plot, but the translation is really shitty sometimes (deepL) and some sentences ( the most poetic ones I presume ) clearly make no sense once "translated".
But yeah, I wouldn't have drawn this like that.
Nice short story !

@Gynux Many thanks for trying and taking time, I feel a little bit proud :o)

Yes, I fear automatic translations sabotaging the details and maybe sometimes the sense. I wish I could translate by myself, where I would like to reach more people. Somedays … ;)

@Gynux I'm reminded of the movie "Pan's Labyrinth" where a piece of chalk was used to make a door to an alternate dimension.

Although the place on the other side of that door weren't really child-friendly.

@theremin There's also something like that in "Beetlejuice" if I remember correctly.

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