@Gynux I'd love to do this!

But, only if it's raining and the water doesn't have leeches. \(~o~)/

Leeches... EEeek ! Is it possible in the sea ?? (I don't want to search for things like that and find images that will get stuck in my brain for months... ;)
But why the rain ? The bridge might be a bit slippery ! 😁

@Gynux I think leeches are also in salt water. I’m not sure though 🤔

I love rain, I love it’s sound. I love raindrops upon the surface of water. Sure, the bridge might be slippery.

But, I’m more of a “slip into the water” kinda person. Rather than CANNON BALL! 🤣

I do really enjoy the image though!

@erxen I love the rain too, but I've never experienced it while swimming, only riding a bicycle, and it's really enjoyable as you can clearly feel the air getting cleaner 🌧️
The only drawbacks are lightnings, and I bet this is even more scary in water ;)

@Gynux Oh, no! 😱

Lightning + Water. I didn’t think about that!


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