Here we go again !
First day of inktober :)
prompt : Fish

The young goldfish from umbrella academy goes mushroom-picking.

And... it matches illustrationday too ;) I think i'll try to mix both if I can.

@Gynux I though of doing this as well, glad I didn't, this one is superb!

@minkiu Thank you ! 😊
I have avoided to check before doing it because I'm sure that I'm not the first to go with that theme and surely not the last ;)

@Gynux You have talent. I hate you¹ 😛

¹ yes, I know, it’s not talent, it’s work, but I *really* have no skill for drawing² and no time to train. I can’t tell which famous drawer you remind me, maybe or Olivier Vatine, but you’re talented, keep it on! ❤️

² or music

@framasky Thanks guys :blobderpy:

Luc > I'm flattered, but I'm not sure how those artists would feel about this ;)
I like 'em ! Reno is sitting in my RSS feed reader since many years, and I realy like his work, but I have a strong preference for his cartoony work over his hyper realist pieces.

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