Inktober 6th day: Rodent

Hum...that's greed I suppose... ;)

(I'm aware that the spring isn't in the right direction).

Actually, the whole moustrap is wrong ! How have I done something this wrong ?!
I shouldn't have done this one in a rush :(
It seems that drawings have this in common with emails : it's only when they're out there that I start to notice the problems.

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The narrative in this piece overpowers any design part you worry for, kind of like when you miss a letter in a word but we can read it perfectly fine 🙂 🙌🏼

I suffer from finding things wrong after I write them too! 😅 🙃

@Quiralta Thanks for your kind comment. :blobderpy: But still...
I guess I should tell myself that it's no big deal in this event. It was much more problematic to draw 2 right (or left I don't remember) foot on a character on my first book 😁 . I have struggled a long time to stop being ashamed of that one, until I saw a famous illustrator that I like doing the same exact mistake ;)

We humans, can't be helped 😅 At the end, I think that's what brings the charm in art, the fact we are not perfect allow us to relate. 🙂

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