Google rant, google is pushing mandatory 2fa...but they have removed otp and the only option available is using a phone. What an "elegant" way to force people to give up personal credentials. What a bunch of morons... So now I'll have to lose even more time migrating every things that are still linked to the last gmail accounts I have left before I lose access to them. Next predictable move : ban every server that is not google so you can't email anyone if you don't have one of theirs.

Google rant 

@Gynux I do the reverse, frankly.

I don't want them touching my users, either

Google rant 

@Gynux I've already enabled 2FA for my Google login, and I'm using Authy to generate the 2FA authentication code.

So I'm not sure if the phone is your only option. This article seems to say that a number of options are available.

Google rant 

I don't have google on my phone, I'm using my google accounts only from desktop/laptop computers. And setting 2FA from your computer, there's only 2 options : phone, or pricey hardware key (that you can easily lose or a phone). No OTP client option from what I see, it seems that it's only available through security options on an account linked to a phone...

Google rant 

@Gynux That's not so much a predictable move as Google's endgame since 2006.

Google rant 

There is a time approaching when people will block servers like CAGEFAM. All their IPAddresses (possibly IBM, Oracle and ByteDance too).

Then the only way to possibly access them is via I2P or Tor.

How things should be. #newInternet


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