*ID* –> “Whirlpool”
It's a kind of situation that sucks ! haha... ha-hem... :)
this is for

Have a great week Mastodon !

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@Gynux Ow, that looks dangerous. I wonder if it will have a happy ending after all?

@kandid @Gynux I find it strangely optimistic: The rodent is in a scary situation and clings to the rubber duckie to escape being washed away. Who knows what will happen?! The plug is smaller than the duck, though, so the viewer is reassured our heroes will not literally go down the drain. So, my interpretation is "It's scary right now, but just hang in there!" (On the other hand, the rodent is smaller than the plug, so if (s)he doesn't manage to hang on, all bets are off.)

@Steinar @kandid
Well spotted ! :)
Apart from drain's threatening hole, maybe the scared look means "Holly cow ! Human's dirt juice ! Ew !" 😁

@Gynux This digital? It's so fresh and so clean-clean, yet has lovely watercolor paper textures! :)
Hee and the faces are perfect.

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