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♪ I, can read, your mind, loo-king-at-youuuu...♫  :)

This is part of an illustration set whose I have talked about here.
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:: Better res on website ::

I'm reminded of this nice old tune:

🎵 I am the eye in the sky,
looking at yoooou 🎶
I can read your mind
🎵 I am the maker of rules,
dealing with fooools 🎶
I can cheat you blind

And I don't need to see any more 🎶
To know that
I can read your mind... 🎵

(I had to Google the lyrics. 🙃 )

Another interpretation of your artwork:
"Use your brain, stupid. 🤨"

😁 hehe

@evelyn Happy to see another person that likes Alan Parsons Project :)

I didn't thought about the second interpretation...😆 Nice one.

Oh, is that the name of the artist? 😄
Don't really know them.
I think I'll look them up...
#Spotify #YouTubeMusic 🔍

You had the song in a corner of your mind. knowing the name isn't the most important thing :)
They have made the ost of an old movie: "lady hawk". The song "silence and I" has been created before but sounds a bit like the ost. It's from the same album than the one you had in mind :)

Just downloaded their album from YouTube Music. Will see if I like their other stuff. 😃

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