Hello !
Here is my Xmas holidays card that I'm offering freely to Mastodon users for their loved ones if you don't know what to send when the time comes :)
The terms of use : it's mostly to use with emails (but not corporate emails).
Don't make money out of it.
Don't post it on any social network (except fediverse if you like).
Don't post on a website that is not paid by you, and/or displaying ads.
Don't modify it.

If you like it and use it, buy a kofi you can :)

.:: Scratch ::. -
What if those cute fluffy little ones could talk ?
"Err, sorry, I thought I've seen a mosquito" ;)
Have a nice week Mastodon !

- gynux.com/v2/lesnews/?p=2490&r

*IF* –> β€œMusic” -
Hey mastodon, the weekend is nearly over, so have a great week with music ! :)

- gynux.com/v2/lesnews/?p=2485&r

*Boing! Boing! Boing!* 😁

Potential new hero image for the instance.

Inktober prompt n31 : slice

"come on ! just one slice !" 😁

This is inktober season finale. I'm happy to have done it each days this time, and happy to have shared that with you on Mastodon !
Even if I've been doing that for myself, sharing and seeing that some shown an interest in it has helped me to not give up.
So, thank you for that !
And have a happy halloween ! πŸŽƒ

*IF* –> β€œWitch" -

So much witches and magic stuff lately.
Have a nice week Mastodon ! :)
♬ Abra, abra, cada-bra ! β™ͺ -


Inktober prompt n29 : double

β™« douu-ble douu-ble, toil and trouble ! β™ͺ

Inktober prompt n27 : thunder

"Thun-der ! Aaahaa aahaaaa aahaaahaaaa haaaahaaa, Thun-der !" 😜

Inktober prompt n26 : stretch

"huuuuuaaaa !" πŸ’€

Inktober prompt n25 : prickly

How to cuddle an hedgehog ? With extreme caution ;)

Inktober prompt n23 : muddy

Damn Artax !! πŸ˜₯

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