Inktober 31st day: Crawl

This is the final day of inktober, hurray ! πŸŽ‰ 🍾 . This year challenge was hard for many reasons, so I'm even more glad to have finished it.
I hope that it was pleasant for you ! :)
Have a nice Halloween ! πŸŽƒ

Inktober 30th day: !ominous

I was really not in the mood for thinking of any ominous idea to draw so screw this, it will be NOT ominous. I don't want to drop it now that there's only one day left.

Inktober 29th day: Shoes

Laaaaaate !
Puss in boots...because, boots are shoes, right ?

Inktober 23rd day: Rip

Pants ripped while reaching for the dropped sponge... ;)
( Not sure that many will get this one 😜 )

Inktober 14th day: Armor

Iorek & Lyra
(btw, the 2nd book of the "book of dust" trilogy is available since 2020 :)

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