Day#05 : Flame.
Imagine if no one had ever wanted to create a flame, where would we be ?

Day#04 : Scallop.
Not enough time to think about a way to make that the main protagonist, so...

Inktober 16th day: Compass

Wouldn't it be great to have a space compass ?

A bit short on time & inspiration for this one. At first I thought of Lyra from "His Dark Materials", and then I remembered I've already done it last year.

Inktober 15th day: Helmet

What happens after "I haven't signed up for that sh*t" ;)

Inktober 13th day: Roof

Spรฎderman isn't the only one who's comfortable on the roof ;)

Inktober 11th day: Sour

What makes sour food good sometimes, and sometimes not ? That's a mystery ( to me ).

Inktober 9th day: Pressure

Not a lot of time today, so...
A song that I like a lot ;)

(to be honest, I had to check the video clip because I had never seen it !)

Inktober 7th day: Watch

โ™ซ Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum, TchuTchuk Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum, TchuTchuk โ™ช

If someone find what's that (above) about, I'd be impressed ;)

Inktober 6th day: Spirit

Inspired from a movie I've seen recently that I liked very much. Can't tell what it is as it could spoil things a bit ;)

Inktober 5th day: Raven

I've always liked ravens. That must be nice to befriend one.

Inktober 4th day: Knot

One of the cheapest things on earth to play with: the hair of your friends/relatives ;)

Inktober 2nd day: Suit

Everyone gets to do the laundry from time to time ;)

Not early today either, but a bit more fun.

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