*ID* –> “Quarter”
I don't know how many quarters I've "lost" in those machines back in the day... but I've gained some fun memories. ;)

Have a great week Mastodon !

this is for illustrationday.com

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Est-ce que quelqu'un connaîtrait un service d'impression 3D à l'unité avec une bonne précision (env 0.05mm) qui ne nécessiterait pas de vendre un organe pour imprimer un truc ?
J'ai commencé à travailler sur un petit projet il y a qq semaines, et je désespère de trouver qqch qui ne soit pas moins rentable que d'acheter soi-même une imprimante... :(
Merci d'avance ! :)

j'aurais dit Schtroumpf noir aussi, et j'avais bien "Gnap" en tête par contre, je ne me rappelais pas que c'était Gnak.

@sohkamyung Thx !
The culprit seems to be radishes...I never thought these little things could be so nasty.

.:: Mad Tick ::.
A mashup of two movies that was fun to make :)

I hope your week is better than mine !
I'm back after food poisoning (yeah !)
A bit better but still weak, so no illustrationday for me this week. That sucks because the topics were inspiring.

Luckily, I have a small bunch of illos for cases like this ;)

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Inktober 16th day: Compass

Wouldn't it be great to have a space compass ?

A bit short on time & inspiration for this one. At first I thought of Lyra from "His Dark Materials", and then I remembered I've already done it last year.

Inktober 15th day: Helmet

What happens after "I haven't signed up for that sh*t" ;)

Inktober 13th day: Roof

Spîderman isn't the only one who's comfortable on the roof ;)

Inktober 11th day: Sour

What makes sour food good sometimes, and sometimes not ? That's a mystery ( to me ).

*ID* –> “Domesticated”
So, who's purring ? ;)

Have a fun week Mastodon !

this is for illustrationday.com

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