.:: Who's still afraid of the big bad wolf ? ::.
Good day Mastodon !
Who's cookie is that ? hmm ?
Gooood boy !
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.:: β™ͺ There's someone in my head, but it's not me β™« ::.

Have a great week Mastodon !

The dark side of the Moose...

Yeah, I know that's a bit silly but I found that funny :)
Though there's probably already tons of lame pun like this one, I still felt motivated enough to draw it ;)
And that's one of my favorite albums.

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.:: β™ͺ Mana Mana, tu-tuuu dududu β™« ::.

Have a nice week Mastodon !
Believe it or not, this is how magical broom are refueled :)
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.:: Scary Movie Night ::.

Have a great week Mastodon !

This is what happens when watching scary movies... sometimes, going livid isn't just an phrase ;)

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Hello Evelyn !

If you have access to your server config, a restriction by ip might be a simple but efficient way to block any attack through that file. You just have to whitelist yours and other (safe) websites that might need an access to it (if your using social plugins...).

.:: Xmas 2019 ::.

Hello Mastodon !
Have a wonderful Holiday season ! :)
This year, Xmas present will be delivered with a carrot-sled :)

- -

.:: Tea & cookies ::.

Last week before X-mas holiday season :) Yeah !
This is kind of re-post because it has been posted on the previous mastodon instance.
But I like this little guy and I'm also a bit in a hurry, so that will do I guess ;)
Have a good day Mastodon !


Take a little break to avoid turning completely mad ;)

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@Miaourt Yup ! Vive les archives :)

Donner le lien permet d'Γ©viter de faire un doublon (ya pas de petites Γ©conomies ;) mais si Γ§a ne fonctionne pas pour une raison oΓΉ une autre, dis-moi, je re-uploaderai.

.:: Healthcare workers tribute ::.

I went a few times to the hospital these past years ( for me or relatives ), and each time I was emotional about how great, patient, empathetic and sometimes fun they were.
As I couldn't give them a hug (being way past 10 ;), I thought that doing that on a symbolic level could help me spread the thankful feeling.
If you're a healthcare worker, this is for you !

- -

Of course, you'll have to move the "email" field at the top when importing, or else emails will be in the "first name" field :)

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