.:: Splash ! ::.
Oh, come on ! That's refreshing, right ? :)
Who has never played with water in summer ?

Have a great week Mastodon !

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@Miaourt @xj9
truecrypt maybe ?
I know that it has been said that it wasn't secure enough, but the audit made on the last version didn't show anything that prevent its usage if used wisely. Or else Veracrypt.

@fluxom_alt Gorgeous !
This is from photograph jonaspiontek.com if someone else than me is wondering about it and want to see more of his beautiful work :)

Insects, Bees 

.:: Club Fight ::.
The first rule about this is you don't give a growl about it ;)

Have a good week Mastodon !

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@erxen I love the rain too, but I've never experienced it while swimming, only riding a bicycle, and it's really enjoyable as you can clearly feel the air getting cleaner 🌧️
The only drawbacks are lightnings, and I bet this is even more scary in water ;)

Leeches... EEeek ! Is it possible in the sea ?? (I don't want to search for things like that and find images that will get stuck in my brain for months... ;)
But why the rain ? The bridge might be a bit slippery ! 😁

.:: Dare to jump ? ::.

Have a great week Mastodon ! :)
β™ͺ Somewheeeeere, beyond the seaa... β™«

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.:: Clumsy ? ::.

Have a nice week Mastodon !

β™ͺ Who's afraid of the big bad wolf,Β  La la laaa β™«
What if the wolf was just deeply annoyed by Red ? ;)

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.:: For relaxing times... ::.

Have a great week Mastodon !

That's actually better than Suntori time ;)

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hook, mort 

Thx a lot :)

Let me add a few to the list :
@kasa_nari (this account seems to gather dust since a while though...)

.:: Nature Explorers ::.

Have a very nice week Mastodon !
Searching and taking pictures of dragonflies can sometime require some climbing skills :)

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