Hello Mastodon !

I will be on a very small (few days) bicycle trip in England ( between Canterbury and Brighton ) with my sister during August and we're looking for accommodations between these 2 points.
Does anyone have good tips on that matter ? Or better : does anyone feel like hosting us for a night ? ;)

We will essentially ride along the coast.

Thanks ! :)

β€œ*IF* –> β€œMountains” -

Hello mastodon !
Have a great week ! :)

Up up and away ;)
This was my new year's greeting card for 2018.
, gynux.com/v2/lesnews/?p=2613&r

Libre est la condition sine qua non ou faute de mieux du proprio qui rΓ©ponds Γ  toutes les autres contraintes peut faire l'affaire ? Si oui, j'ai une ref qui fonctionne bien.

.:: Mermay 2019 ::. -

Hello Mastodon !
This might be my only participation for .
Have a great week ! :)

Chilling in the open air, listening to the wash of waves against the rock... :)


L'erreur est humaine :)
Ca restera qd mΓͺme mon navigateur par default.
Ceci dit, je me demandais un peu pourquoi c'Γ©tait le boxon dans les extensions vu que je n'avais pas fait de maj ;)

β™ͺ Drip drip drop little April shower β™« -

Have a very nice week Mastodon !

Ahhh... the scent of the freshly watered grass... :)


.:: Chilling in the tree ::. -
Hello Mastodon !
My website turned 14 today !
Have a nice week, me I'm gonna eat a piece of cake on its behalf :D
A nice book, a gentle breeze, happy people in the tree :)

- gynux.com/v2/lesnews/?p=2579&r

Thx mate.
However, it takes all sorts to make a world :)

.:: Looking for something ::. -

Happy week Mastodon !

"If a technological feat is possible, man will do it. Almost as if it’s wired into the core of our being."

One of my favorite movies !
- -

@sikkdays @pixelfed
This is a great challenge, and I've never heard of it until now, so thanks for sharing ! :)
Not sure that I'll have the time to participate though, and if I could that would certainly not be with instagram ;)
But as I have pretty lame typography skills, that could be fun... or horrible 😁

@bobfisherphoto Yep !
Gracias ! 😊
Buena semana para ti tambiΓ©n! :)

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