I have to remember that idiom, I love it !! (like the mist ;)

*IF* –> β€œElectronic” -

Hello Mastodon !
Have a great musical week ! :)
β™ͺ Work it harder Make it better β™«

- gynux.com/v2/lesnews/?p=2556&r

😜 Like all unpredictable creatures with tremendous power, it needs to be firmly (and respectfully) taken care of.
Thanks for the sweet comment ;)

Facebook has now revoked the access of my website to the apis...
I was waiting for this one since a long time ;)
Now has begun the long process of deleting most things on my profile, disabling my page, and then creating the very last banner to let people know that I'll no longer be able to reply any message over there.
That will be fun :)
And then I'll get rid of all FB plugins on my website ! Hurray ! It will become lighter :)

Oh, ok. Then I don't have anymore tips (except maybe heated bike gloves... 😁 )

Yep, I agree that one's tricky, but mittens greatly help ! If you can't find mittens that suits you, get regular gloves and cut off the fingers tips. That's what I did :)

I tend to like cold seasons for the same reason (among other ones).
When it gets cold, I just have to wear a good woolen outfit, and that's it. (for information, it's 12Β°C at my desk and I'm quite comfortable).
When it's too hot, it gets pretty hot inside too... and when I don't have anymore clothes to take off, then I'm fucked.
Cold is always (and has always been) easier to handle.
Just one recommendation : don't use polar outfit, they can't beat wool.

*IF* –> β€œBotanical” -

β™« But there's a seeee-cret gaaaa-rden she hides β™ͺ

Good day mastodon !
This is the Cambridge botanical garden planet ;)

- gynux.com/v2/lesnews/?p=2532&r

Also, if we work together, maybe emails could be handier ? ;)
I'm struggling to not go over 500chars.
You can join me with the contact form of my website if needed.
Cheers !

So I'll wait (figuratively speaking) for a precise idea then ;) I'm a bit "lost" if I don't have something precise enough to evaluate the amount of work.
Actually, for me that's a mandatory point before saying yes or no with a client.
Your project is different, but still, I don't want to say "let's go" without info, because I don't want to realize afterwards that the only options I have are to lose some sleep with overwhelming work or let you down. Either options are not cool.

Thank you ! :)
Yep, I've thought about hats or shirts, but that would defeat the purpose.
I guess that's better if people do it themselves and write on hats or shirts.

Regarding Haiku, if you have an old computer (I mean, even really old like 15-20 years), it runs incredibly well on it ! That's very "zen", nothing redundant in the gui but that's really stable (at least what I've tried).

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