.:: Butterflies flower ::.

Hi there Mastodon !
Have a very nice week :)


Strange beautiful things everywhere when you know how to look ;)

- -

.:: Rabbit vs Carrot ::.

Happy 1st week of August Mastodon ! :)

"This place isn't big enough for both of us !
My stomach on the other hand..." ;)

- -

Yep, but it's not like a real edit, so I only use it if I see a mistake immediately after posting something. When there's too much time between my mistake and the moment I notice it, I feel that reposting would be a little "spammy", so usually I don't. (that probably stupid but I can't help it).

I've just noticed that I've made a mistake, using "sunset" instead of "sunrise"...
That's one of the very few things that are missing on fedi : the ability to edit posts, but that's what you get with a decentralized platform I guess, so I don't mind that much ;)
At least I can make the correction on my website :)

.:: Up there ::.

Have a great week Mastodon !


So peaceful up there in the morning...
I've always loved it before the sunset, when the valley's all misty and cold.

- -

β€œ*IF* –> β€œMysterious”

Have a very nice week Mastodon, with a bit of snow to keep cool :)

I'm wondering if snow tickles between the toes... ;)

- -

I didn't pay attention to the tentacles at first ! It's really scary !! I can't help but see it moving...

I would have found it even more scarier if the little kid wasn't looking at the water, as if nothing special was going on ;)

.:: Fishing moon ::. -

Have a great week Mastodon folks ! :)

Fishing for the moon is an excellent way to learn patience ;)
Yet, if you're skillful enough... - -

β€œ*IF* –> β€œElectricity” -

Hello Mastodon !
Have a nice week and great summer holidays for those who are taking a break ! :)
Science is risky sometimes... and not always for the most obvious reasons ;) - - gynux.com/v2/lesnews/?p=2628&r

@jopi It would be nice to be in such a place right now. Ahhh... snowy landscapes... :blobaww:

.:: Exploration ::. -

Have a great week Mastodon ! I hope that some of you can enjoy a bit of fresh air ;)

Wondering what's up there ?
There's only one way to know for sure ;)
- - gynux.com/v2/lesnews/?p=2625&r

.:: Let's play tennis ::. -

Good Day Mastodon !
Is there anyone here that will recognize what has been the inspiration for this ? ;)

A interresting way to play this game is with a tad of magic ;)
- - gynux.com/v2/lesnews/?p=2617&r

Hello Mastodon !

I will be on a very small (few days) bicycle trip in England ( between Canterbury and Brighton ) with my sister during August and we're looking for accommodations between these 2 points.
Does anyone have good tips on that matter ? Or better : does anyone feel like hosting us for a night ? ;)

We will essentially ride along the coast.

Thanks ! :)

β€œ*IF* –> β€œMountains” -

Hello mastodon !
Have a great week ! :)

Up up and away ;)
This was my new year's greeting card for 2018.
, gynux.com/v2/lesnews/?p=2613&r

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