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Good day Mastodon !
Inktober day 3: roasted

I'm really really tempted to add some kind of shading with a lavis, but I feel I must stick to pen only as it's one of my weaknesses.

I've just checked website, and it seems that the active users number has dropped from about 1.7-8M to 1.18M ?!
What the hell ?
I guess the 2M party isn't that close... :(

Trying to step out of my comfort zone once again... (and I definitely need an appointment with an ophthalmologist as it hurts to not have access to a zoom ;)

I dont know if I'll be able to do that the whole month...or even the whole week :D

Hello Mastodon !

Here are 3 illos that were posted on the previous profile, but I think those ones have been kind of unnoticed so hopefully that won't feel too much like a re-post 😜

Playing with leaves in the cold of an Autumn morning 🍁 ☺️
Good day Mastodon !

As a little break in my re-post frenzy, here's a little one that hasn't been post here at the time it was done :)

I'll continue tomorrow, but that's it for today !
Have a great one ! πŸ˜€

A serie of illos that I have posted at the beginning of the year to make a little game.
As I can't post them all in a single post, I'll do a few groups of 4 😜
I hope that's not too "spammy".

1st group.
And if some of you want to play again and guess the origins of the costumes, feel free to do so :)

Hello !

My account was previously on, but now you can follow me on
Almost the same, but this time less risks of failure ;)
ps : if you were following me on, you can delete that account, the instance does not exists anymore.
Thanks !

So, as I'm starting from scratch, I'll re-post some of the things that was on my previous account. And I'll make a proper intro when all this will be set up :)
Cheers !

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