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Inktober prompt n27 : thunder

"Thun-der ! Aaahaa aahaaaa aahaaahaaaa haaaahaaa, Thun-der !" 😜

Inktober prompt n25 : prickly

How to cuddle an hedgehog ? With extreme caution ;)

Inktober prompt n22 : expensive

Not quite inspired for this one. (and even less time than usual)

Inktober prompt n20 : breakable.

That's not the Easter bunny's egg... ;) :bun: πŸ₯š

What if I was posting some pictures sometimes ?

(this is a really old one)

Inktober prompt n17 : swollen

this one was...meh...😐

Have a nice day Mastodon ! :)

I've posted it yesterday as a DM, I don't know why, so I re-post it now.
I suppose it's still ok as it's still the 17th somewhere in the world ;)

Inktober prompt n16 : angular
Yeah !! I'm past halfway ! πŸ˜ƒ

I wasn't much inspired for this one, so not sure everyone will get it.

inktober Prompt nΒ°15 : weak

aka "Do not judge a book by its cover" 😜
toot - toot ♬

*IF* –> β€œMagical" -
Hello Mastodon !
Kiki wishes you a nice day :)
I want a magical broom !!
I like this movie so much ! :)


Great Scott ! It's already inktober prompt n14 : clock.

Have a nice day ! :)

Hahaha ! I've just noticed that I've totally forgotten her flippers !! 😁

However, considering where she's coming from, I hope no one won't mind ;)
Let's say that was a bug in the infinite improbability drive... yeah...actually, I did that on purpose πŸ˜…

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