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.:: Greetings from the witch ::.

Good day mastodon !

As I'm a little short on time today, I'll post something that is not new, but that have been seen by a small bunch of people only ;)
This was my greeting card for 2019.

And if it was only ink, it would have matched today's inktober topic

- #2019 -

What if an enchantment go wrong ?
hem...I'm sorry. My apologies to the sorcering world 😜

Inktober Day 07 - Enchanted

Argh ! I should have made the scarf go the other way... Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

Inktober Day 06 - Husky

Here comes the Bride !
"My preeeecioussss !!" 😜

Inktober Day 01 - Ring

I hope that I will be able to complete the challenge this year too.

Have fun every one ! :)

.:: RPi Engineering ::.

Good Day Mastodon !
How is a tiny computer crafted ? Well, with tiny engineers of course ;)
The 3D model has been made by Hasanain Shuja and retrieved from grabcad. Then I've textured it (because it was blank after the conversion) and tweaked it a little.
Honestly, that would have been quicker if I had been able to take a picture of a real one :D

- -

.:: Fatal error ::.

Hello Mastodon !
Here's a soon to be T-shirt ;) (will be done as soon as I find a place to set my shop)
Enjoy your week ! :)


There's a hero in every bad code ;)

- -

.:: Treasure finding ::.

Hello Mastodon !
Have a very nice week made of nice discoveries ;)


Who's up for an adventure in the open air ? :)

- -

β€œ*IF* –> β€œCabin”

Hello Mastodon !
Have a great week ! :)

I'm sure I've seen one of the birds waving at me ! :)

- -

.:: Butterflies flower ::.

Hi there Mastodon !
Have a very nice week :)


Strange beautiful things everywhere when you know how to look ;)

- -

.:: Rabbit vs Carrot ::.

Happy 1st week of August Mastodon ! :)

"This place isn't big enough for both of us !
My stomach on the other hand..." ;)

- -

I've just noticed that I've made a mistake, using "sunset" instead of "sunrise"...
That's one of the very few things that are missing on fedi : the ability to edit posts, but that's what you get with a decentralized platform I guess, so I don't mind that much ;)
At least I can make the correction on my website :)

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