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Inktober 14th day: Armor

Iorek & Lyra
(btw, the 2nd book of the "book of dust" trilogy is available since 2020 :)

*ID* –> β€œFig” (tree)
Would you enter in there without a flashlight ? ;)
this is for

Have a happy week Mastodon !

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Inktober 11th day: Disgusting

Well, actually it's not disgusting at all but you know... it's a strong belief among kids ;)

Inktober 10th day: Hope

I'm late i'm late i'm late !
Not inspired at all by this one and I think it shows... does it mean I've lost hope ? 😁

Inktober 9th day: Throw

Why throwing a massive fig instead of a weight ? Because it's also the topic of ;)

Actually, the whole moustrap is wrong ! How have I done something this wrong ?!
I shouldn't have done this one in a rush :(
It seems that drawings have this in common with emails : it's only when they're out there that I start to notice the problems.

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Inktober 6th day: Rodent

Hum...that's greed I suppose... ;)

(I'm aware that the spring isn't in the right direction).

*ID* –> β€œHushed”
You know that moment, right ? ;)
this is for

Have a great week Mastodon :) !

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Inktober 4th day : Radio

Reading time with a good station that sometimes ends up in nap time... ;)

Inktober 3rd day : Bulky

I was going for a huge back-pack, and then I saw someone with exactly that (I guess I shouldn't check Mastodon before the drawing is done ;)
So, still something to carry, but not on the back ;)

Inktober 2nd day : Wisp

At first I wanted to go with Merida from "Brave", but that would have done 2 "forest-y" drawings in a row, so... :)

Here we go again !
First day of inktober :)
prompt : Fish

The young goldfish from umbrella academy goes mushroom-picking.

And... it matches illustrationday too ;) I think i'll try to mix both if I can.

*ID* –> β€œGold”
Ah...those kids... they had the best toy ever ! :) Kudos to Mu people !
this is for

I wish you a happy week Mastodon ! :)

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I've just watched "Enola Holmes" and I loved it ! I hadn't seen any character so satisfyingly breaking the 4th wall since Ferris Bueller :) Millie Bobby Brown is perfect, all visual and musical aspects are great, and the plot is meaningful ! (and the rest of the cast is great too).
Funny, intriguing, beautiful...well, I was hyped with the trailer so I wanted to try to have low expectations to avoid being disappointed : I'm clearly not ! 😍

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