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Facebook has now revoked the access of my website to the apis...
I was waiting for this one since a long time ;)
Now has begun the long process of deleting most things on my profile, disabling my page, and then creating the very last banner to let people know that I'll no longer be able to reply any message over there.
That will be fun :)
And then I'll get rid of all FB plugins on my website ! Hurray ! It will become lighter :)

*IF* –> β€œBotanical” -

β™« But there's a seeee-cret gaaaa-rden she hides β™ͺ

Good day mastodon !
This is the Cambridge botanical garden planet ;)


*IF* –> β€œHero” -

This is a tribute to hackers all around the world, without whom we would all have a microphone plugged in our butts by now...
Of course when you have to mention heroes, you think fire fighters, hospital workers, etc. But hackers are essentials to allow us "mortals" to resist huge corporations and governments alike that all want to spy on us.

Am I the only one thinking that should be renamed ?
What a bummer... :(
Ah.. if only I had the time to make a website like the original, before Penelope left. That was so cool.
I was thinking of Mastodon as way to push something similar, but it's not a good option as it would require a registration, whereas the original concept does not.
I guess there's no other alternative other than witnessing its slow demise or create something else...

.:: 2019 ::. -

I wish you all a very happy & fun new year 2019 on mastodon ! :)
I wanted to start the year with a little game (with a little something to win), but I didn't have the time to set it in time for this week. But stay tuned, it will come very soon ! ;)


Damn brain ! I've forgotten an "if" in the last sentence : "if you can".

Hello !
Here is my Xmas holidays card that I'm offering freely to Mastodon users for their loved ones if you don't know what to send when the time comes :)
The terms of use : it's mostly to use with emails (but not corporate emails).
Don't make money out of it.
Don't post it on any social network (except fediverse if you like).
Don't post on a website that is not paid by you, and/or displaying ads.
Don't modify it.

If you like it and use it, buy a kofi you can :)

.:: Scratch ::. -
What if those cute fluffy little ones could talk ?
"Err, sorry, I thought I've seen a mosquito" ;)
Have a nice week Mastodon !


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