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.:: β™ͺ Mana Mana, tu-tuuu dududu β™« ::.

Have a nice week Mastodon !
Believe it or not, this is how magical broom are refueled :)
- -
:: Better res on website ::

.:: Scary Movie Night ::.

Have a great week Mastodon !

This is what happens when watching scary movies... sometimes, going livid isn't just an phrase ;)

- -

.:: Xmas 2019 ::.

Hello Mastodon !
Have a wonderful Holiday season ! :)
This year, Xmas present will be delivered with a carrot-sled :)

- -

.:: Tea & cookies ::.

Last week before X-mas holiday season :) Yeah !
This is kind of re-post because it has been posted on the previous mastodon instance.
But I like this little guy and I'm also a bit in a hurry, so that will do I guess ;)
Have a good day Mastodon !


Take a little break to avoid turning completely mad ;)

- -

.:: Healthcare workers tribute ::.

I went a few times to the hospital these past years ( for me or relatives ), and each time I was emotional about how great, patient, empathetic and sometimes fun they were.
As I couldn't give them a hug (being way past 10 ;), I thought that doing that on a symbolic level could help me spread the thankful feeling.
If you're a healthcare worker, this is for you !

- -

.:: β™ͺ You've got a friend in me β™« ::.

This is my definition of Empathy.
When I'm wondering if such a feeling is still widespread, I often think that its purest form is much more common from some other animals than humans :)

Have a great week Mastodon !

- -

.:: β™ͺ This is Halloween, this is Halloween β™« ::.

Happy Halloween to Mastodon ! Have fun ! :)

I know that should be Mike and not Jason, but I prefer Jason's mask ;)

- -

Inktober Day 31 - Ripe

That's it ! I did the full inkotber this year too !
I hope that you enjoyed it ! :)

I'm not quite satisfied with the last prompt, but I've found something that is a fit for today I guess ;)

When you think of it, ripe fruits are very much like zombies : they're losing parts and once they're close enough to other fruits, they can "transform" them into ripe fruits very quickly 😁

"Come on ! That's just a scratch !" 😁
That's not a black knight alright, but that will do for the time being :)

Inktober Day 29 - Injured

Does anyone have a good remedy for huge blisters/burn to help it heal quicker ? (the joy of odd jobs with beech wood)
Right know when I'm drawing, my pen is saying "f*ck you" to my hand πŸ˜…

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