I'm terribly sorry for today's downtime. We are now back.


Yesterday my hosting provider, Hetzner, received an abuse report for our entire IP due to a user account that apparently was used as a botnet controller. I suspended the account immediately, but forgot to submit a statement to Hetzner.

After 24 hours, the IP to mastodon.social was locked by Hetzner. I've reached out to them as soon as I learned of this.


@Gargron Is there a way to prevent that, or to spot this kind of account ?

@Kandy The account had no posts and was not remarkable in any way except having "hello [IP address]" in its bio.

@Gargron @Kandy I don't really get they could block our total IP for such a thing.. mstdn.social got the exact same mail with the same account that was an issue.

They also warned us they would take action if we didn't remove the account 🤔

@stux @Gargron @Kandy

What was the offensive account name?
I would like to check if it is in our instance

@pthenq1 @Gargron @Kandy Just checked and I see 2 toots from the account but otherwise nothing weird. It did had the same bio: "Hello [IP]" the accountname was "@/anapa@/mstdn.social" which is suspended now

@lars Yes, we got kinda the same abuse report and the same-ish accounts where active. After suspension a write back fixed the issue for them it seemed. On mas.to there where also 2 i believe, they're gone now

@palindromi @Kandy @Gargron @pthenq1

The reason why new users must answer an question why they would use my Instance. Many fakeaccounts filtered out.
@palindromi @Kandy @Gargron @pthenq1

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